The Morning After

 It's no secret that I am unwaveringly sentimental - so I'm always a little sad the morning after a big event. It kind of feels like the day after Christmas, everything unwrapped and all the anticipation behind you.

The branches in this photo, on my bedside table, were some of the styling elements Chelsea used for little winter and I brought them home hoping it would make the feeling last just a little bit longer

I'll be sure to share some amazing little tid bits from the weekend, but until then : happy monday! There is a whole week ahead of us full of possibility and new projects. 

[(1) poloroid 600 film, which has obviously expired.]


  1. Lovely to meet yo Sam! BTW, you have the most amazingly beautiful head of hair... totally random, I know. :P

  2. Thank you Myra - especially since it was such a matted mess this weekend. If you ever need a curly head of hair for one of your pieces, you know the girl to ask. I love them!

  3. I absolutely love the idea of using window frames on your wall. You are quite crafty, Miss Shorey <3

  4. Thanks Sabrina! I got them at the Rebuild-It Center on Mississippi. They were free!

  5. i want to see more pics of your apt... #3, just like mine (that's your hint as to who i am. i'm an anonymous comment poster!!)


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