Deck the Halls

Decorating the Christmas Tree (2)Decorating the Christmas Tree (1)
Part of working in the service industry is that during December - when everyone else is out enjoying their holidays, traveling and shopping - you are at work helping them do so. We're lucky if we even get Christmas day off.

My roommates and I decorated a Christmas tree in our house, since some of us couldn't get home to our families. It's a special memory of mine; the way we carry out our traditions with the people around us, in the time that we can find. It doesn't take much to celebrate this time of year.

tis the season for ten-hour work days, bundling up because the furnace is broken and sipping hot toddies! fa lah la lah la!


  1. that's the crappy thing about the service industry :(. at least you have some lovely roommies to spend the holidays with!

  2. I hope you get work off soon. & Find the time to enjoy Christmastime. ♥

  3. the owl diary I am enjoying it, even at work, thanks to our festive Christmas decorations and my friends. Thanks for your holiday well wishes!

  4. i love these photos! so pretty :) i hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year!


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