The Change You Wish to See

Yesterday, I lingered a bit longer in the flower aisle at Wholefoods, having a midday chat with my best friend & enjoying the sights of a synthetic spring.
 It definitely put a little (much needed) pep in my step, after the woe-is-me week I had last.

are there any little things you do this time of year to boost your mood? 

* I felt so good, infact, that I forgot the main ingredient, chicken, for the hummus crusted chicken recipe Laura recommended. Luckily, Eli saved the day - and it was delicious!


  1. we are synced up. i totally did the same thing yesterday at new seasons.

    i say bike rides, food, flowers, and travel are getting me through this season. is it bad i'm considering going tanning?

    oh portland.

  2. I like dreaming up summer travel plans to keep me sane in the winter. Buying cheerful secondhand knickknacks to brighten up the apartment also helps! And it's only getting better - for the first time in months it was still light out when I got home.

  3. Fresh flowers are something that can always boost my mood. I've never indulged much in bubble baths, but I always try to spend money on flowers. My bf got me yellow tulips after a trip I had...and that really brightened me up :)

    (Good conversation does that too. Any time of year :)

  4. You inspired me to buy flowers to lighten the mood accompanied by midterms right now. Thank you!

  5. anonymous - I bought daffodils yesterday! If flowers got you through midterms, they can get me through anything!

    cara - not going to lie, I've been considering tanning ... you know, for mental health reasons. Ha!

    hannah - great idea! Isn't everything better when you have something to look forward to?

    lillian - I couldn't agree more about great conversation. In real life, or in blog life!

    molly - good food (especially anything sweet!) is an instant mood booster for me too.


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