A Request : Open Call for Love Stories

 I've been working on a new project, called  Betwixt  to document the love stories in the the city I love, Portland. I hope it will be a reminder to every broken hearted person out there that love is around every corner - in the most unexpected places, and unexpected people. 
If you, or someone you know, have a great love story - please share them with me. And if you are a local photographer, artist or writer who would like to contribute to the project I would love to have you.  
Leave a comment here, or e-mail me : SamanthaShorey (at) gmail.com

4th of July at the Port of Hood River


  1. hey sam, i might be into taking some photos.

  2. I absolutely love this! Good luck on your project =)

  3. Oh goodness, I am so excited about this project!

    Love wins.

  4. is this project going to be online or in a book or on your blog? i want to read!

  5. Cara : I'll e-mail you! I'd love to have you
    MGM and Emily : Thanks you! I've had a few moments lately thinking 'will anyone even want to read this?'. I hope you two will!
    Leah : It will be online - and I'll post a link as soon as content starts going up! February 14th at the latest

  6. i can't wait to read this project! as a (recently) single portlander, i'm looking for that hope right now. :) thanks for loving portland and for loving love.

  7. This is a lovely idea! I hope it's a success, and I will admit to hoping that it spreads to other cities too! We all want to be a part of it.


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