Weekend Reading :

For the s o c i a l b u t t e r f l y   
  • The Numbers Guy says most people max out at 150 people in their social circle (which is known as "Dunbar's Number")
  • ... But, this just in from today's Wall Street Journal : that number may depend on how smart you are. 
  • CNN on the 10 most obnoxious types of facebook friends. Do you know anyone like this? "so so sad about Fara Fauset but Im so gladd its friday yippe"
  • Here's how to Eternal Sunshine that pesky ex off your facebook. (Thank you, Lifehacker!)

[ (p.s.) weekend reading for the b o o k w o r m ]


  1. I really enjoy these links you post; keep them coming!

  2. That facebook article is hilarious! It's the friends who update their status every couple of minutes that totally boggle my mind.

  3. Merissa : Thank you Merissa! Until you said something I didn't know if anyone actually read them. I think learning is a lifetime thing.

    Molly : I know, right? Sometimes I consider making my facebook status 'good for you!' :)

  4. Did you take this photo? Is this where you live? Jealous

  5. Anna : that's where I lived when I was going to college in San Diego! I miss it. everyday.


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