Unspooling Like Ribbons

A Snow Man

Two weeks ago it snowed for a total of 12 hours in Portland.
The city came to a grinding halt. My office was empty. I saw someone wearing ski pants.

I, for one, was grateful. I've woken up countless mornings this month and felt like throwing myself on the ground screaming "I won't do it! I will not go out into a world that has the atmosphere of a day old sponge!"

But snow ...  snow is different.
We are a taught from a young age, at the first sight of flurries, to forget our responsibilities. Going to school? optional. Going outside? Only as long as it's fun.

When I arrived in downtown for work in the morning the snow on the ground had melted. But, the flakes fell for most of the afternoon, unspooling like ribbons (in the words of Mary Oliver.)

 Instead of working, we all just watched. Expectant and excited, like children. 

[ (1)  pentax K1000, on film | One of my favorite pictures this winter. More on my flickr]


  1. What a lovely post! I love that dreamy, softly falling snow. Although, it snowed today in Halifax and after 5 months of trudging through several feet of it, I'm ready for spring hehe.


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