We Are Never Apart

We Are All A Part

The words that great me every morning when I walk down my stairs :
"We are all a part of every person we have ever met"  Alfred Tennyson

It hangs over The Rebuild-It Center - a place full of old tiles, salvaged doors, and home elements that have been saved during remodels and demolitions.

It's a beautiful sentiment. I like to think of the life that each piece brings with it; the times someone has felt the wave of comfort when their front door is finally in sight. The hundreds of times it has been opened with one hand as the other clutches groceries, or holds another hand.

It's like the pound for inanimate objects. Everything is waiting expectantly to become, not extraordinary, but just a part of someone's life.

[ (1) on film with my Pentax k1000. More on flickr .]

* The meaning of a part and apart are nearly opposite. They look the same, and are made of the same letters and syllables. But, a part is a piece of something ... and apart is without. The difference is the space, the silence between them.


  1. i love this quote so much.
    it makes me think about all the people i've met and who made me grow up/change.


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