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Oregon : Mountains and Beach
The Hotel where I work is environmentally friendly. We use special light bulbs and do our printing on recycled paper with soy based inks. It's one of my very favorite things about my work place. I believe in our company, because they believe in caring for our planet!

Once a year we all ride on an Eco-Shuttle (stocked with a keg of local, sustainable beer) and go to the beach to pick up trash.  I usually shy away from any activity that is offered as an alternative to prison time. But, this was the best afternoon! We were all together, saving sea turtles from swallowing cigarette butts.

p.s. You can see a few more photos of our valiant efforts on my flickr.

(1) on film with my pentax k1000. Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast.


  1. just found your blog.. love it.

    you totally won me over with your "free bird tendencies"

  2. love a company that does good things for the planet!

  3. Anna : aw, thank you! Taking pictures is my favorite thing to do - but I'm a real amateur so I always get a little shy about sharing.


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