Snipped Sentiments


The other day I was chatting with a friend who lives in the same neighborhood as me in Portland.
"Why don't I ever see you on the street?"
"I don't know - I'm definitely out. I'm on a first name basis with lots of the business people."
"What are your 'places'?"
"Well, you know. Video Verite and Nu Rite"
"I've never even heard of those bars."
"Um ... they aren't bars. That's the independent video store. And, the corner market where I buy beer and macaroni"
As I'm getting older, I guess I'm starting to become kind of a homebody. So, I especially loved this "Let's Go Home Already" cut-out in the window of a stationary shop in Silver Lake. That's totally my line after a few drinks, and the sun goes-down.
I hope you all have a nice snuggly weekend!

 p.s. I think there are a few more pictures of the same shop window on Max Wanger's tumblr, The Leftovers. I've been all about paper/fabric cut-outs lately.

[ (1) on film with Pentax k1000 in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. I don't know the shop name, do you? ] 


  1. I'm a "let's go home already" type of girl as well :)

  2. as a hermity hermit person, i empathise ;)

    had to chuckle at friend thinking they would be bars.

  3. Hi there! Just came across your blog :) I completely agree with this post. I was actually just pondering what movie I wanted to watch tonight haha.

  4. we'd be best friends if we left our houses.

  5. hi! just stumbled across your blog looking into some portland information and think this is adorable! i am such a homebody and so lucky to have married my homebody match! i'd prefer to have people over for dinner, scrabble and drinks over a bar any day of the week!

  6. You find so many wonderful things. Thanks for sharing!

  7. christi : let me know if you have any questions about Portland! I love this city. I work in a hotel so I consider myself an ambassador, ha!

    cara : I know. I wish we lived in a duplex and could play on our computers, simultaneously.

    thoughtful whatnot : isn't this great? I wish I owned it.


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