Fall Colour Week : Orange

a tumbling collection
of orange.
both warty and smooth, at once.

[ It's Autumn Colour Week at Poppytalk. I'll be writing a little three-line poem and sharing a picture for each day. Monday was red. And yesterday was yellow Please Join us! (photo) on Kodak Porta 800 film, with Pentax k1000]


  1. beautiful photo & description... has me feeling all fallish inside :)

  2. hah! i love this color/poem series you've taken on. so so enjoyable.

  3. Kimia : thank you! I totally struggled with the 'orange' day. This is actually the only orange picture I've taken in the 50 rolls of film I've shot this year. It's not my favorite color.

  4. I am fascinated by your photos! I think that you are a great photographer. Congs!


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