Yellowstone | Looking Back in Black + White

At the end of the first (of five) days backpacking through Yellowstone I wrote :

I've begun to notice how truly limited my mind is. I keep telling myself look! look at what is around us. But then, in less than a second, it's back to the bugbite in my glutial-fold itches or I really don't want to dig a cathole. I'm thankful I brought my camera. The pictures will remind me when I'm back at my desk wow - that was pretty amazing.  

elk antlers
buddy system
day 3 : camp
water pumping in the Yellowstone River
day 5: the gang

wow - that was pretty amazing. 

(photos) on ilford black & white film with Pentax k1000 | more on my Flickr


  1. Gosh, it does look insanely amazing. I love camping/hiking/outdoorsy things so this would be right up my alley!

    1. if you've never been, I would totally recommend it! I'm not that outdoorsy, but I really surprised myself on this trip.

  2. oh wow it seems you have stumbled on some pretty amazing sights! i'm enjoying the photos.

  3. So gorgeous. I had never thought of this as a "must go" destination, but I think you just put it on the map for me. :)


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