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Last night, in the car with a basket full of clean clothes, I said to my sister "phew, what a day! But what an achievement!"

Like I deserve a Pulitzer Prize for finding the time to do my laundry. It's an endless task that I put off for a weeks worth of "tomorrows" - leading to a three hour process of sorting, wet-clothes cycling, and sitting in the laundromat.

Luckily, our laundromat is connected to a Thai Restaurant (maybe the most genius business model ever). It makes it easier for me to bribe myself : if you wash your clothes you get to buy yourself dinner, whatdya think? These little routines are part of life in a studio apartment.

Nothing feels better than going to bed on a clean pillowcase with a belly full of pad-thai. Growing up is weird like that.

(photos) on expired fuji film, with pentax k1000


  1. It's the truth! I feel like laundry day is a bit like Christmas morning. I find things I forgot about, probably because I will put it off for a week or two--and I just have to go upstairs to do laundry!

  2. These pictures are great.
    I've always wanted to do a series of photographs of local laundrettes (as we call them in England!) as they're so good for people watching

  3. Good job! Luckily I'm renting a house that has a washer and dryer in it, so I don't have to traverse to a laundrymat

  4. I did laundry yesterday at the mat too. Man, I hate that little routine. The one I go to on Belmont is connected to weird little convenience store that the workers always stare at me weird when I go grab a soda in between loads. Thai food sounds like a way better bargain.

    And rad pictures. Your photos always inspire me to put away the phone and take more film photos.

    1. the Laundromat I used to go to in San Diego was connected to a tanning place (every college students dream come true)!

      and thanks about the pictures. They're actually from a sunny summer Sunday! This time of year, all the washing is done in the dark.


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