show + tell : Michael Kors Envelope Clutch

In the interest of honesty I should probably tell you :  no, I haven't become more "put-together". The fact that I haven't lost my cellphone, house keys, debit card, or driver license once (not even once!) since the New Year started isn't due to personal growth on my part.

It's due to my new personal assistant.
Oh, Michael. What would I do with out you?

photos on film with Nikon FM.  


  1. that. is. awesome.

    i need one of these, STAT.

  2. oh my.

    i need that. i'm always loosing something. plus that red is adorable.

    1. I don't own a single red shirt - but a lot of red accessories (it matches my favorite shade of lipstick!)

  3. Yes yes yes! I've been wanting this for a while but haven't been able to convince myself to buy it!

  4. Perfect pop of color. Super cute.

  5. And it's so very small! Impressive!


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