party planning : 100 Year Anniversary

Before the building I work in was The Fancy Pants Hotel it was a fancy pants department store called Lipman and Wolfe. It's been standing here for a hundred years, so we decided to throw the old beauty a birthday party tonight, in the theme of 1912. 

It was a big year - the titanic sank, Oreos were invented, and Cracker Jack first put prizes in their boxes (which would explain why my grocery cart looked like this on Tuesday ...)

childhood dream come true.

(artifact) courtesy of Oregon Historical Society  (photo) on Instagram. username : SamShorey


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    1. I put together an old fashioned candy shop and we gave them away to the party guests! Lifesavers and Necco wafers were also invented in 1912, so it was full of sugar. It was a project near and dear to my heart - I love sweets.


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