but keep the old.

My intention was to drive myself to the coast. I even took a driving lesson with Tessa's boyfriend, Andy, who is a former valet. He was very valiant and only grabbed the "oh sh-t handle" one time. (He was also patient with me when we had to drive back to Whole Foods, where I left my house keys in the dried-mango bin because I was so stressed out) But, the road from Portland to Newport looks like a scene from a car commercial: "this is a professional driver on a closed course". So, my sister drove me. 

Between being dropped off in the driveway and the nervousness, I didn't just feel like I was seeing friends from High School ...  I felt like I was in High School. All those old teenage fears came flooding back.  Will they like me? What will we talk about?  

After we came in from the beach, I looked at our shoes lined up on the back porch : cowboy boots, wellies, bright pink rainboots, and flipflops. We are - and always have been - so different from each other.  

The eight of us had been together since kindergarten. We were joined by neighborhoods and first grade classes. Highschool was the last time that I didn't choose my friends. Being grown up is different -  the "party friends", then the "work friends", the "share-the-same-hobby friends" and "boyfriend's friends". These are the real things that tie us now.  

Things change. Yes, lifestyles and jobs, interests and partners change. But, history doesn't. There's a wonderful permanence in the people from your past.  

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  1. My oh my I just love your posts. Everything rings so true. :)

  2. Oh goodness, I've been driving for a few years now and that course/route sounds terrifying.

  3. the best friendships in my life are all from my past. those friendships that i made, never left me. i traveled to germany, a few years back, to visit some old friends (i used to live in germany when i was a teen) and it felt like we were never apart. it's a very happy feeling to know that there's still a connection :)

    1. it's so special how quickly everything falls back into the same, easy rhythms with old friends.

  4. "There's a wonderful permanence in the people from your past." - beautiful


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