to the restless midwest.

today, I'm off to Chicago for Laura's bridal shower! I'm so excited to see my best friend, Cloud Gate, the giant lake, and to eat pizza that's like funfetti cake but made with meat (that's the only way I can conceptualize "deep dish").

any must-see/must-dos for me and the restless midwest? 
my fingers are crossed for a few corn fields!

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  1. So excited that you're in my city, even if I don't see you. :)

    It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend - seventies and sunny! But it's also going to be crazy downtown because the NATO Summit begins on Sunday and ends Monday - security and traffic will be nuts anywhere you go.

    BUT, the Art Institute Museum is my favorite and they have a couple of amazing exhibits up right now, namely "Fashioning the Object", which totally made me think of you and some of the fashion posts you've shared with us in the past ( Also, the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit was fun and extremely comprehensive.

    And if you're looking for yummy/fancy eats : The Bristol, Hopleaf, Hot Chocolate Cafe, and the Goose Island Brewery are all top notch.

    Okay I'm done now. Have fun! :)

    1. Bethany, I've been meaning to tell you thanks for your excellent suggestions! I got to try a few Goose Island beers (even though the actual brewery wasn't in the cards) and I am longing for a 312 right now!

  2. Yes! The Art Institute is wonderful!
    My parents also went to the public library, which is also apparently amazing. I'm very jealous, because I've been to Chicago a million times (my family used to live in Milwaukee) and never made it there before.

    I think that's all I know of. You'll have to look out the windows for some cornfields, of course. :) Or just drive an hour north or south of the city...

  3. I feel like a chump. The art institute is closed BECAUSE of NATO, so my suggestion is nil. :( Those restaurants, tho - check 'em out!


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