Derek and the Dominos | Bell Bottom Blues

Oh, how heartbreak hurts ... and makes us feel more alive.
I heard this classic for the first time on Wednesday, thanks to a tip-off from a Mark Halliday poem.
Apparently Eric Clapton is so much more than Tears in Heaven. 

 (song) listen here (photo) Arthur Schatz for Life Magazine. Full gallery here. 


  1. I like how a poem road took you to a new favorite song. I heard Mark Halliday read in Indiana once. He didn't leave a strong impression, but you've got me thinking I should revisit some of his work.

  2. i heard this in a bar in wilmington, but couldn't remember the name of it. i've been trying to figure it out for weeks - it was one of those things where i could remember what the song sounds like, but i couldn't remember any of the words. i absolutely LOVE this song. it reminds me of my childhood. so glad you posted it :)

    - l

    1. Lauren, that's so funny because that exact thing happened to me the other day with the song "Sweet Melissa". They played like the first 10 second of it in Yoga class and it took me almost a week before it hit me.

      It's such an itch before you figure it out!


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