Weekend Song | Two

Despite all my attempts at independence, 7° weather has a way of making me just need someone. The days are cold and call for hibernation, and staying in bed is so much better when you have a person to share it with. It takes two, when it used to take only one. 

Weekend Reading | tips + tricks I used this week ... 
  • I had an epic kitchen victory with the spatchcocked chicken recipe from the January Martha Stewart (The skin was so crispy! shhh ... guilty pleasure.)
  • how to write Thank You Cards as well as a southern sorority girl.
  • classy advice for the start of the semester : "be pretty if you can, be witty if you must, but be gracious if it kills you." 
  • I'm going to sew little foxes on nearly every item of clothing I own. 
(listen) Two - Ryan Adams (photo) iPhone | frost and fog on I-5 


  1. This post has everything I could ever want: a beautiful photo, a thought provoking quote, heartfelt words, and a simple layout. I got excited when I saw you posted and I was not disappointed.

    1. I really appreciate the feed-back, Tiffany! I've been trying to work towards more regular features, so it's great to hear that this one is working.

  2. Those foxes look so adorable!

  3. His "two" includes Mandy Moore. Still so weird to me.

    Great post, as always!


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