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Washed up Lobster Claws
It's the last full week of classes for the semester and everyone here has their sights set on summer. The other day my friend Patrick (who is from Sandwich, a hilariously named Cape Cod town) put on the old Vampire Weekend. I basically wore a hole in that album four years ago, and just enough time has finally passed that I can listen to it and feel nostalgic rather than absolutely sick of it. Living in Massachusetts now, the words all mean something different and it made me laugh to think of myself listening to them as a senior in college in San Diego. Now, here I am, teaching kids who are seniors in college themselves.  Sometimes that feels like a long time ago. But, summer and this song make it feel like yesterday.

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UMass Amherst has one of the few heterodox (read: Marxist) economics departments in the country, which results in graduate research like this. I'm proud to be at a school that questions basic assumptions about capitalism! Also featured on the Colbert Report.

(listen) Walcott by Vampire Weekend  (photo) on film with Leica CL | lobster claws in Provincetown, MA 


  1. vampire weekend does bring that old nostalgic feeling. i listen to phantom planet too sometimes and get some sort of feeling. who is from sandwich and cape cod town? haha, that's a lot of food.

  2. These lobsters are gigantic! :)
    And summer is just around the corner... enjoy your last semester! :)

  3. Great pic of the lobster claws! And thanks for putting the link up to The Blue Hour. I'm never going to get my PhD done with all these amazing photos to procrastinate over haha.

    Love, Katie

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

    1. Katie, Brian Ferry (who writes Blue Hour) is one of my very favorite film photographers. His compositions are so incredibly thoughtful. His pictures are some of the rare ones that get more beautiful and more interesting the more that you look at them.


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