it's like a heatwave.

the title of this post is not only one of my very favorite songs to hear at Soul Night but also appropriate for anytime the temperature breaks the 90's in Portland. "Like" is really the imperative word since, by the standards of just about any other state, summer goes pretty easy on us here. Either way, we're bound to have a few more scorching days as we head through the second half of the July and into August. 

Here are a few of my favorite spots for summer in the city...
  1. Ruby Jewel on N. Mississippi 
  2. Salmon St. Springs on the South Waterfront (at the base of the Hawthorne Bridge) 
  3. ... or you could always get an apartment with a community pool, like my sister did. It seems kind of silly for nine months out of the year, but then June comes and you are livin. it. up. 


  1. i think i can live with that 3 ways ;p

  2. that ice cream looks incredible
    we are in the middle of a heatwave to
    gorgeous blog xx


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