inappropriate footwear hall of fame.

I just don't learn, do I? 
  1. suede mocassins + raspberry picking 
  2. leopard heels + swiss dot tights + slushy snow at the bus stop


  1. 1. Maybe not practical, but you have impeccable style.

    2. I'm on the verge of buying moccasins but I don't know if they're practical. But I need a cute shoe for Fall to go with dresses and skirts.

    3. I love how your life involves raspberry picking.

  2. HAHA this is the story of my life. i blame san diego where i learned to where flip flops and sandals no matter what the weather

  3. Oh, I've definitely been there. I mean, neither of those exact choices... but yesterday I wore neon gladiator sandals on a nature hike. With real paths and everything, but some of them were dusty. Oops.

    1. Suzannah, that is all too familiar! I'm reminded of one time in particular that I hiked Runyon Canyon in patent leather ballet flats.

  4. I kind of love that you wear "inappropriate" shoes :)

  5. haha! i make inappropriate footwear choices ALL THE TIME. i've had to throw away so many pairs of shoes that have been ruined due to my poor judgement :)

  6. Well the footwear may have been inappropriate, but the pictures made it worth it xx

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