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Lily's soon-to-be sister in law threw her (and her cousin, Kellie, whose wedding was a few weeks earlier) a joint bridal shower. The theme was loosely centered around chalkboards so there were chalkboard countdowns to the wedding date at the door, chalkboard menu signs on the buffet, and she ordered cute "chalkboard" style invitations (similar to these).  It was a perfect theme - on trend and tied together so nicely without being overly cutesy.  

One of the games she came up with was Bridal Shower Pictionary, which was really fun so I thought I'd share it here. This game is especially great because it gives the bride a chance to tell everyone the stories they get asked over-and-over during an engagement!

How to Play ... 

The bride(s) are given a drawing surface - a chalkboard, a flip chart, a wipeboard, whatever. They stand in front of everyone and are then asked questions, which they answer with a drawing. The more abstract questions were actually the most fun since you have to be symbolic!

A Few Questions We Asked Were ... 

- how did you two meet?
You can see this one being illustrated in that bottom picture above. I think it was a volleyball tournament ... or maybe that's a pinball machine, or maybe horse?
- what makes you most excited about getting married?
- how did your fiancé propose?
- what's your favorite thing about your fiancé?
Lily picked that AJ was adventurous and drew ziplining, which someone surprisingly guessed right away!

That's Cierra, the hostess, on the right! And Lily (my sister, the bride) in the middle. And me on the left. I think my face is a little red from too much laughing/mimosas.


  1. Haha! That sounds like my kind of Bridal Shower!

    And you are just gorgeous.

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    1. This is so sweet (especially that last picture of you and Lily looking so lovely and happy) that I just teared up a little at my desk! Oops!

      I'm getting sentimental in my old age...

  3. what a lovely gathering! i really like the chalkboard theme, & especially the pictionary. a fun spin on bridal shower games, for sure! and that last photo is stunning!


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