sunday drive.

Andy drives an old mercedes and the back seat is big enough for two people, a little black pitbull, and then some. We all climbed in the car for a sunday drive to Hood River to show Mr. Midwest the mountain. 

While Tyler and I were staying at my Dad's, we watched a documentary on OPB called The River They Saw. It was focused on early nature photography in the Columbia River gorge. The photographs taken there inspired people to move West because they were so unlike anything they had seen; it's a river cutting through the middle of a mountain range! It makes me understand why someone would write a song like America, The Beautiful or leave their home in search of adventure. Even from the cushy leather backseat of an old mercedes I was filled with a sense of discovery - struck by the enormity of the towering landscapes coming up on either side of the highway.

(photos) on film with Leica CL | Columbia River Gorge


  1. Beautiful photographs. Have you seen A River Runs Through It? By far the best film about the life and beauty of living near a river.


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