snow day!

We've had two solid snow days so far this semester. Between school being canceled and the wonder I still feel over that much white - I couldn't help but smile as I waded through knee deep snow on my walk to town. Half way there someone pulled over and asked all concerned: "ARE YOU OKAY??" My pink face and big grin must have made me look like I was in the early stages of hypothermic delirium.

Growing up in Oregon, there was so much anticipation surrounding snow. It required this combination of cold weather and water that seemed to constantly counteract each other (rain clouds keeping the temperature just above freezing, clear skies were cold but dry.) Most of the time it was forecasted it never even came. And when it did, we would run to our classroom windows only to see it melt away as soon as it hit the ground. Everyone would wonder "will it stick?" but if we got even an inch, school was canceled. 

Not much has changed, despite me being older and living in a place where we get A LOT more snow.  When there is a weather system on the way, I don't even need to check the forecast. It's all anyone can talk about on campus.  At night I go to bed hoping to wake up to white. And, in the morning the first thing I do is roll over and check my phone for a weather warning. 

I can't help but whisper a little "yes!" when I see the "no school" subject line in my inbox. As a teacher, these days have put a little kink in my syllabus. But, it takes all of five minutes before the student in me takes over and all I can feel is excited. My favorite memories of Massachusetts are on these days: venturing to the store for survival rations and spending the rest of the day inside. 

(photos) iPhone + vsco | February snowday in Northampton, MA


  1. I am beginning to love Snow Days, even if they put me behind. I am DEATHLY afraid of driving in ice. After living in Utah, it put the fear of God in me.

    I feel like your pictures belong in a young, hip Mass. magazine.

  2. to be honest, i'd love some snow now


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