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"It seems to me that the strangeness and wonder of existence are emphasized here, in the desert. Each living organism stands out bold and brave and vivid against the lifeless sand and barren rock."
Edward Abbey

Lots of people have "bucket lists" - things to do or people to meet or places to go before they die. You know, activities like sky diving (no thank you.) Me? I have a list of things to see. I don't even need to really do anything when I'm there, with the exception of being absolutely over-come with wonder and then taking a few pictures. 

Number 4 on this list was "see a Joshua Tree." Joshua Trees are a type of Yucca and only really grow in the Mojave Dessert. I saw a picture a few years ago, and ever since, I simply could not leave this earth without seeing one. 

After staying the night at the Joshua Tree Inn, we got up early - before the heat of the day - and drove into Joshua Tree National Park. The terrain was so strange, it was honestly like being on the moon. We hopped out of the truck, and Sam headed out to climb the nearest mountain. I mostly just stood there, awestruck by it all. Just liked I'd hope I would be. 

(photos) on ektar100 with Pentax K1000 | Joshua Tree National Park


  1. thats really how i feel too! joshua tree is one of the most magical places on earth... i cant wait to go back!

  2. Wow. Your pictures are truly amazing. I am so glad you put it out there of having a list of things to see. I have a humongous list of things to do but when I actually get a chance to do them I find that I'd rather just sit back, take a couple of deep breaths and observe. :)

  3. what gorgeous, gorgeous photos!

  4. These photos are so beautiful! I am really enjoying browsing through your blog. I'm so happy to have found another film photography blog, and will be adding you to my blogroll. :-)

  5. Such a wonderful sounding list (I'm the same - I'd rather witness something beautiful, like your Joshua Tree, than throw myself out of a plane!) and I'm so pleased for you that you now have one thing ticked off! Fabulous photos, Sam!

  6. What a beautiful attraction! Next week I am also going to visit such kind of unique national park (Grand Canyon National Park) with my college friends. We are going there from vegas to grand canyon tours. Can you suggest me how to enjoy on such kind of rocky area and how to maintain health outdoor?

  7. this is so lovely. what amazing photos!


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