take the leap.

sam's patio.
nowhere does golden hour like San Diego.
sam's granmother, Alwyn
portrait of Alwyn
Sitting on the patio in Valley Center, Sam's very English and incredibly lovely grandmother told us a story -- the details of which I'm not quite able to recall verbatim but this is the gist of it:

After moving to the US, Alwyn and her husband were pig farmers in the midwest. Not an easy gig in general, but things were stable. Then their pigs were hit by a terrible disease and it wiped out everything. All that they had worked for was gone in a matter of months. They had to leave what little they had left and start again (again.) 

They moved, sight-unseen, across the state. When Alwyn arrived, she found the farm house: an old, rickety beautiful victorian. She told me about rubbing the dust off the windows and peering through to a home better than anything she could have hoped for. 

"be bold" she said "take the leap."

(photos) on Ektar 100 film with Pentax K1000 | Sugarbush Farm in Valley Center, CA. 


  1. I got chills. And I'm inspired. And I want to sit in an open field and talk with her.

  2. This is more lovely than...anything. These photos and words are so evocative — I feel like I'm right there.

  3. and that's all we should ever do in life - take that leap

  4. Wise words! Love valuable chats with Grandparents! I seem to engrave those convos in my mind more than convos with anyone else!

  5. Your grandmother is so adorable, and wise!

  6. Hi,
    beautifullllll pictures!!!!!!! :-)

    May i know which objective you used with the Pentax K1000?
    Thnx in advance for your reply.

  7. I don't know which is more beautiful, the story or your photos.


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