cabbage roses, thistles, and a blushing bride to be.

bride to be.
on the aisles.
one year ago: Tessa's wedding. We've spent a lot of mornings together (as housemates, and even a short stint sharing a bed) but this one was my favorite. Just me and my best friend, getting ready for a really big day. 

(photos) on film with hasseblad |  2 is with the pentax tho. 


  1. such lovely photos. did someone say, Pinterest?

  2. Lovely photos! beautiful flowers!

  3. What a beautiful moment that would have been x

  4. Gorgeous! Can we see more? Your photography is always so inspiring. I could look at it all day.

  5. what beautiful photos! this looks like such a special day.

  6. Lovely photography and just wow at that hairband, it's beautiful! xx


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