sunflowers marking the end of summer.

Northampton sunflowers.
it always seemed fitting to me that the sunflowers bloom last, like a flame that burns brightest before it's out completely.

(photos) on 120 film with hasselblad 503cx | Northampton, MA
(p.s.) an insta-video of the neighborhood gardens this time last year


  1. nice pictures. when i was a kid there my mom planted sunflowers in our garden and they were everywhere in the neighbourhood in the city where my family lived at that time. now i barely never see sunflowers around

  2. sunflowers are my absolute favorite. they make me so, so happy!

  3. Oooo ya, what's with that creamy hasselblad photo?! <3

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous photos. The bokeh is making me swoon! I'm intrigued - do you develop your own shots? I'm wanting to take more film photos but it seems so expensive (but perhaps worth it for photos like this!!) <3

  5. You surely cannot be saying that about yourself, miss utterly beautiful...


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