just barely september in Salem.

more apples.
my sister's barn.
apples (not falling far).
multipurpose buckets.
the tail end of apple season at my sister's farm in Salem, OR.  After packing up my apartment in Massachusetts, I had two weeks before I moved to Seattle. I spent most of the time living in the lap of luxury, staying in my room Lily and AJ's guestroom. We started every morning with backyard blackberries and chia seed (what AJ calls "the breakfast of kings") and I passed the afternoons sort-of-working on my thesis at their kitchen table (what Lily calls "being retired").

(photos) on film with Pentax K1000


  1. i wish i could live in a farm one day. i really love these pictures.

  2. Everything looks so beautiful and 'fall'-y in these images. Love it!

  3. what gorgeous, gorgeous images. x

  4. dreamy <3
    and p. s I agreee with AJ!


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