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I'm not too into football, but I do believe in places. And when your city's in the big game, you watch the big game. You root for your city. This year the Super Bowl is like a metaphor for my life: New England vs. Seattle, my new place vs. my old place. I'm interested to see who will win a battle that's been playing out in me for months. 

I'm also interested to see what kind of food-theme costume Katy Perry comes up with. I swear, if it's a corn dog I'm going to know that this whole thing is a personal sign from god.

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  1. 1. The San Juans are amazing! Go! Also, drive across deception pass if you haven't yet. I almost crash every time looking at the vie .

    2. I very nearly got into a fight at the liquor store yesterday because I wanted Seattle beer. Go Hawks!

    3. Ben Afflack in that video made me cry with laughter because he sounded just like the liquor store guy who wouldn't give me any Seattle beer.

    Hope you've got a party to go to today!

    1. Kat, I know you get it better than anyone in the world! generally MA micros are not my thing (why does it all taste like a loaf of bread?) but you should come out to Amherst this summer. I'll take you to my brewery and their saison will knock your 12th man socks off!

      p.s. I went out to the San Juans two weekends ago, via Ferry! Next time I'll have to get Deception Pass, and I'm hoping for about 250 "next times." I loved it there so much.

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    1. the one and only true hero of the Superbowl!


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