signs of spring in NYC.

sundown on the fire escape.
lighter, longer.
feeling the sun on your face.
water tower.
cherry branches in restaurant windows.
sunday bunday.
bare legs.
it might be spring if ...  it's warm enough to sit on the fire escape. it's light past 5:00. the sun hits your face on the subway platform. there are cherry blossoms in all the brunch place windows, heralding the return of bare legs and iced coffee even if it's only above 50°.

(photos) on the first warm days of spring, New York City, 2014 | film with Pentax K1000 (p.s.) spring in the city, 2013


  1. the light! such magic. and of course, you captured them perfectly. beautiful pictures, Sam. happy spring!

  2. I get so happy when you blog. Gorgeous photos.


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