Luella Bartley II (fall)

fall [images f: The Cut]
I'd be interested to find out her main design influences because here it appears that they are film Auteurs (yes, i learned that word from my Comm Criticism class last semester, and linked it up in case you, dear reader, don't know what that is!). This whole runway show reminds me a lot of Tim Burton.

Not so much these two (these were just my favorites) but if you check out the rest of the runway show the color palette is spot on, down to the sanguine colored tights. The hair, make-up, complexion and demeanor of the models is so reminiscent! Check out the rest of the slide show at The Cut.

p.s. found this image when looking for the one i linked-up above. Isn't it funny the way life imitates art? Tim Burton & his family look like a still out of his own movies.


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