Overheard at USD I

inspired by Overheard in New York. Going to college at a private school in southern California is unlike anything else...

[forward: the word "Euro" and the word "Gyro" are pronounced the same by the two speakers (the G is silent). ]

USDgirl #1: "oh. my. god. did you know they have Gyro's at la paloma?"
USDgirl #2: "what?"
1: "yah. i guess they just started this year or something"
2: "i don' get it. why are there Euro's at la paloma?"
1: "i don't know. i'm not the cook."
2: "cook? what? why are they taking the Euro at la paloma?"
1: "GYROOOO. you know the sandwich"
2: "ohhhhhhhh..." (lots of giggling)

apparently USDgirl #2 thought it would be reasonable to assume that La Paloma (the cafe on USD's campus) has succeeded from the US, with out causing a second civil war and joined the European Union (even though they won't even let Turkey join, much less a whole sandwich place) and is now taking the Euro. I l o v e USD


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