Researching: Veiling

This week, my Fashion Column for The Vista is going to be on a lecture I attended about veiling. I'm rather excited about it, it'll be on stands on Thursday (and i'll link to it here!). I like to think of myself as a very open minded person, but the lecture really made me see the biases I carry with me when judging other cultural practices within my frame of feminism. also this website We Love Hijab is so incredibly interesting. They do editorials on ways of dressing (very stylishly!) that are in congruence with the dresscode.

On the website they have a list of questions you should ask yourself when getting dressed. One of them is "am I dressing to make other women envious or jealous"?. I, along with many western women, do this often - and I should try and reevaluate the vices I display or encourage when dressing!


  1. but is it really bad to want to impress people? Is it not human nature to want to be attractive to other human beings (genetically as a way to attract a mate). Is it bad to want people to think you are good-looking?

  2. in my opinion there is a difference between wanting to be attractive/impress others and seeking to make others feel inadequate.
    the first seeks to make yourself feel good, the second seeking to make another feel bad.


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