Life Lists : The Kind of Home

  • When I grow up I'm going to have a house where every single item in it means something. It will probably be painted all sorts of weird colors and have exposed brick and an iron spiral staircase. One of the walls will have a mural on it. Nothing will really match, but everything will tie together.
  • You could pick up every item in my house and i could tell you a story about it.
  • Everything will be over stuffed and comfy and soft.
  • My house will smell like a mix of English roses and coffee.
  • There will be lots of windows, and lots of pictures. And books. books everywhere.
  • There will probably be stains on things. and that's okay.
It will  be the farthest thing you can imagine from "modern" or "minimalist". And that's okay too. Because my personality isn't "minimalist" either.


  1. i like this. as long as the mural is my face and the stains aren't from animals :)

    i can't believe you stole my natural wish scent..


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