Lenten Resolutions

I'm not from a religious family, but we always give something up for lent. One year I gave up my gameboy, another year I gave up caffeine (longest 40 days of my life.)

This year I gave up straightening my hair.

I'm not a big fan of giving things up with motives that are the exact opposite of what we are going for here - and on the surface mine falls pretty close to "vanity" (as does giving up certain foods because bikini season is around the corner - Thats not lent. Thats called a Diet for Jesus)

But let me explain. Having incredibly uncontrollable, big, dread-lock prone hair for my whole life has been kind of an issue. I've hated it - and when I came to San Diego I would have paid any amount of money to be have hair the color and texture of cornsilk.

My lenten resolution is about self acceptance. 

Oh, and the fact that guys seem to love curly hair and I get to say goodbye to split ends? Well, that will be nice too.


  1. Oh its beautiful though! I have the exact same texture and curls to my hair when I don't straighten it. I used to hate it, but now I never straighten it.
    1.guys love it.. numerous people have told me it looks like messy sex hair.. and I guess that's a compliment.
    2.healthier hair

    I can't live without Aveda be curly, curl enhancer and Pureology Shine & Control DryShine Styler.. they separate the curls and keep the frizz down :)

  2. sammy, I have your hair x 50. Maybe someday I will embrace it as well. But I do agree that this is definitely an issue of self acceptance, more than being something superficial. Tell me how the whole process turns out for you :)

  3. Sam's curly hair reminds me of riding my bike by the river on a warm July late afternoon. Carefree and uncomplicatedly beautiful.


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