Riding My Bike to School

So, one of my (billion) New Year's Resolutions was to ride my bike more. Which was ultimately one of the more idiotic ideas I've ever had. In order to do this justice I should probably tell you that I don't have a road bike.

I have a beach cruiser.
A sea foam turquoise beach cruiser.
A  turquoise beach cruiser with a wicker basket.
A wicker basket that has bright pink polkadotted bows on it.
I ride a ...
A  turquoise beach cruiser with a pink polkadotted designer wicker basket with a matching pink bike bell.

Here are a list of things i probably should have considered:

(1) I have no idea how to get to school on a bike, so I had to ride the way the cars ride
(2) There is probably a reason i have never seen anyone riding their bike to school
(3) That reason is: it requires you to ride on a freeway on-ramp.
(4) and cross 4 lanes of traffic
(5) People in san diego hate bike riders
(6) I'm really bad at riding a bike
(7) I only have 1 set of brakes

[image f: gossip girl. Exactly how I looked today, except I was on the highway]


  1. Sam, I almost cried because I was laughing so hard at this post. I absolutely can not imagine you, or anyone for that matter, riding a beach cruiser on a freeway. You are a brave soul. Props to you, but please be careful and wear a helmet or something.


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