Pete Shorey (my dad) | On Soulmates

"And stop worrying about soulmates, and stop blaming yourself. The bottom line is the person who is your soulmate knows they're your soulmate, and can't live with out you. They feel just as alienated as you do, and you two will be together in the fact that you thought you were alone in this world. And that person loves the things about you that you think you deserve to be hated for."
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  1. I think Pete was describing ME. Your booptastic heterosexual life mate. But seriously, good advice. Maybe I'll stop by the Shorey household next time I'm in the need of some guidance and happen to be in the North side.

  2. Your dad seems to be quite the wise fellow...

  3. this was a good thing to read today

  4. Sam, I think your dad is so right (and a genius for recognizing such a wonderful idea. I think he should write a book on love, life and everything in between!


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