100 Mix Cds for Love | explained

"This is a love song to the person i haven't even met yet. He's out there, she's out there. They're just learning what to contrast you against" - John Mayer

I have been so  focused on the past lately; thinking about it & romanticizing it. When I let my mind wander it instinctively goes back to old thoughts and memories.

In turn, it's impossible for me to attract anything new to my life when I am constantly focusing on, and thus attracting, my past. I need to break the habit of finding comfort in what is gone.

So, I started a new project. It's inspired by Simon Evan's art piece called 100 Mix Cds to New York.

I think a mix CD is one of those wonderful things that someone does for someone else in an effort to explain the unexplainable, kind of like art.

I'm going to do 100 6x6in panels as Mix CDs to My Future Love. I know it sounds a little nutty, but I can't think of anything more productive towards changing my mental patterns than actually producing something.

I'm doing each tile in mostly blue  and using my favorite love song lyrics as titles on the cover. These song lyrics don't remind me of anyone (the opposite point of the project) but rather embody all the ways i want to feel when i do meet that person.

I'm not in any hurry to meet them either. I have 98 pannels left to go.


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