A Biased Cut ( III ) : Rational Creatures

"At the very core of feminist theory is the rejection that women aren’t the hysterical, trivial, and fickle “second sex” (to borrow a term from Simone de Beauvoir). In support, there is a great wealth of evidence that shows that women are equally as capable as men in honing logical, not just emotional, intelligence if given opportunities to develop it. (Kimmel 2007). This logical skill involves making decisions based on the fundamental human characteristic: rationality. Women, especially second-wave-feminists have repeatedly asserted, that they are no less capable of making intelligent, informed decisions in the work place, regarding money, or about their bodies. Media should be no different."
[image : Ellen Von Unwerth, my favorite]


  1. Oh I love it! You quoted Simone de Beauvoir! She is my favorite feminist author :)


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