Coachella Recap

i will post pictures as soon as i get them from my companions, but here is the quick update
  • the fairy wings were a huge hit (even the photographers from The Village Voice thought so)."i love you little butterfly" was a pretty common greeting over the course of the day
  • They also enforced about a 2 foot radius of personal space which was handy.
  • It was 95 degrees and pure sun - and for this reason i couldn't consume a single sip of alcohol the entire time I was there (... that being said i had about 8 beers before i showed up)
  • But i was able to consume: chow mein, fried rice, an egg roll, 2 bottles of diet coke, a gatoraid, a corndog, garlic french fries, and 8 bottles of water
  • the only part of MIA i liked was the glowing paint and when she played paperplanes
  • Joss Stone wore the cutest white party dress and performed barefoot
  • Dr. Dog will be my CD of the summer.
  • Amanda introduced me to my favorite song line of the weekend from a band we saw called TV on the Radio : "patience is a virtue until it burns you"
  • The dance tent was so fun for about an hour until i watched one of the guys we were with look like he was kissed by a dementor and nearly pass out.
  • The Fleet Foxes were unreal! I still can't even believe it : White Winter Hymnal was a seriously intense auditory experience
  • Fernanda got incredibly close to punching a drunk girl in the face.
  • Fernanda also tried to take us to the "#1 rated breakfast place in Palm Springs" a little place you may of heard of ... Marie Calenders. It's not her fault, they don't have that in Brazil.
  • I have 2 henna tattoos: 1 is of my name on the inside of my wrist in case i got lost, the other is of a mustache on the inside of my finger in case i needed a disguise. Henna is semi permanent so i will be presenting my thesis with these little babies
  • The Killers were so great! Mr. Brightside delighted me (i still love that song...), Smile Like You Mean It sold me, and they played When You Were Young as the final song - and it was the best way to end the day ever
  • My Soul actually left my body in pure ear-ecstasy when they played Humans,the moment i was more excited for than just about any other starting the day (except for one...)
  • American Apparel gold lamay tube top in the desert sun = legit.
  • all in all: i had the best weekend ever with the best people ever

The other moment? Well, I cried when Band of Horses played 'No One's Going to Love You' and i am more convinced than ever that the right song, when played loud enough, fills your ears, thoughts, and every empty space in your heart. And can make you believe, even for a moment, that you aren't alone.


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