Out of the Office for Coachella

This is an automated response from Samantha Shorey's secretary.

If you are calling about Kappa Alpha Theta's Mr. University or for information about her Honor's Thesis she is out of the office until Sunday.

She is busy dancing in the middle of the desert at the music festival Coachella to the likes of The Killers, Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes, Crookers, MSTRKRFT, TV on the Radio and MIA. 

If this is an emergency you can find her there - she will be wearing a pair of bright orange monarch fairy wings, a knitted bikini top, and a pair of black heart sunglasses.

thank you and have a nice day.

[photo: Taki Bibelas]


  1. Good GOD I love you. You deserve this break, go nuts! (Although, I don't think you need my encouragement).

    You sport those fairy wings!


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