Graduation (slash) Fashion Show

I have to stop being a spoiled brat at the end of this month and start doing things like "paying my own rent" and "paying my own cell phone bill". So naturally, I decided that until that day comes, I'm going to live it up . After paying my utilities this month I cashed my pay check into two 100 dollar bills and decided to buy myself a graduation dress as an investment (investing is the wise thing to do in the current, unclear, economic times). I had a few requirements
  1. It's timeless and i will love it forever
  2. It's casual enough to wear in real life
  3. It's blue (my school colors are navy blue & light blue)
  4. It made me look smokin' hott
  5. I could bring it with me to Europe with out looking like a tourist
So I went to Anthropology and I found 4 dresses that i love, and it was an incredibly hard to decide! Like it involved a four different trips back to Anthropology with two other people in order to choose. So, I bought dress (1). But, it took me actually deciding on one of them to realize that what I really wanted was the other ... so I and returned in 2 hours later and bought dress (3) - it was just more me 


  1. oh is this the dress u wore the other day?! good choice!


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