On Words

My angry words simmered like boiling water kept tight and locked in mute frustration. Hot, strong, and bubbling until it condensed as steam on a pot lid; fat tears like water.
And then I found these words waiting for me.
"You have taught me what it is like to admire someone for all of the hard work that they do. You have taught me that someone can work hard with little to no recognition, but that the final product is enough for them. Just know that you are admired, and if I could follow in your footsteps in this way, that will make me feel like I have lived my life the best I could."
I tilted my head onto the back of my arm chair and felt the tears roll down my face, and found the words I needed "I. am. not. pitiful. I'm not."

Sometimes we don't know it but we give people the words they need; the words that they can't say to themselves due to disbelief, or to others for fear of abandonment or pride. Everyday we are given infinite opportunities for words and thus infinite opportunities to rescue each other from despair and darkness. We just have to remember to use them.


  1. The quote part of this post sums up perfectly how I feel about YOU.

    You, Samantha Shorey, are admired. Just know that.


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