Jim Parsons | On Living Successfully

The speaker for the Arts and Science Graduation was Jim Parsons, the guy who plays the knight in Garden State. I'd like to share some of the best lines; I stored them in the notes portion of my cell phone so you may have to forgive me if they are inaccurate. I hope they inspire you in whatever comes for you tomorrow.

"Forgive yourself. No one benefits from you carrying around guilt. Surprise yourself. An acting professor used to always say that to us, i think so the performance wouldn't get stale. But it applies to life too. Surprise yourself everyday."

"The real world is interesting because there are no rules. And if there are no rules there is no one to tell you you are doing a good job; that you are being successful. There is no way to measure.
If there are no rules, you make them. And if you live uniquely you will have lived successfully."


  1. jim parsons would have liked us in middle school. and now :)


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