Le Update: Begin Again

Darling Readers,
Have you missed me?
I'm sorry to be so m.i.a. - my life has been a lot of 9 hour work days and limited personal time. And everything I love has suffered (including my blog & readers)
I have had a few life-restarts this summer already, and I think I will be going for just one more on August 1st. Until then I am going to work so hard to be a better friend, communicator, letter sender, message replier, lover, talker, and believer in hopes and dreams. And hopefully I'll get it right as the end of this month ends and my new month begins.

{ Until then }
So many people spend their lives ungrateful for the incredible blissful blessings they posses in the form of friends & soul mates. And though I struggle to articulate it often enough (and i must) I am aware at every moment that these people have saved my life. They save my life everyday because no matter what happens in the future, they can never not be. They exist. And I will never have to go back to a time before i knew that. And the fact that they are, independent of what they do or what is to come, is enough for me.

I miss you. But never as much as I did before I found you.

... as always, please don't give up on me : I am about to come alive.


Thank you so much for commenting, Darling Reader! I read + love each and every one of them. (Anonymous commenting has been turned off due to robots)

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