Free Bug {this metaphor still needs work}

I spent a year being a bug trapped in a moving vehicle, like when a bee flies in your window.
and you roll down every single window in the car - and unfortunately the bee just runs into the back window over and over and over again in a feeble attempt to get out.
You can't blame the poor bug.
For all intents & purposes .. that big window looks identical to the ones that are rolled down. The view is the same, the bug can see the outside world, see where it wants to be - and that window looks like the best, the biggest, way to get there.
The bug gets hurt, it feels worried. But it continues to try.

Until .. usually by chance it runs against a window that is not a window.
An open space.

and in an instant, it's gone.
it's free.

I feel like a free bug!

[image f: Elizabeth Salib]


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