In All Honesty

Aug 6
"The world tastes different on my tongue. These full mouthfuls are palpably: joy.
Joy in each breath, into my lungs, into my blood. Joy then pulsing through my veins and vessels, making even movement - Joy!
Because it is joy carried in every blood cell, traveling to and from a heart that again enjoys beating. It beats so blissfully.

These beats - they purr softly in your arms, and race under your touch or even under your gaze; green eyed and gently passionate. A visual kind of caress that in itself can evoke the deep throaty sound of contentment so small - so nearly inaudible that is is felt, rather than heard. "

[image f: it's all make believe]


  1. Divine ♥ I got tingles when I read that! I love that kind of joy :)
    Have a lovely day darling xxx


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