PFW : Credentials

I've been doing lots (I mean lots. like 10:00 - 2:00 Monday through Thursday) of work (unpaid work) for my internship at Portland Fashion Week. Today, when I was contacting a boutique buyer, I went to the updated version for the Portland Fashion Week website and ...

... my name is on it!  I just graduated from college and this is my first job. My first real job that doesn't involve selling graphic-tees to 13 year olds. I guess step 2 is finding a real job that pays me real money, but for now I'm contented in getting paid in experience, industry knowledge, and attendance to fashion shows & after parties come October.


  1. i would definitely say this is a step up from working at hollister/abercrombie/vsecret.

    you're famous now, sam shorey! <3

  2. so proud! :) :) :) who in the hell is going to be able to fill your shoes as the next usd fashion columnist?


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