Affirmation of the Morning

The person that you are is independent of other's opinion on the person that you are. Your intentions are always clear to you, and when they are misinterpreted it does not change the fact that you acted with good in mind and are making the world a better place by doing so.

this is for you to read and say out loud until you believe it.
If you needed this today, you're welcome - and I needed this today too.


  1. wow, i love that quote of yours. i just had a job interview today, thought it went well, but already starting to have my doubts. this definitely cheers me up. i said what i meant and meant what i said, so if it was misinterpreted as cocky or not what they were looking for, it's nothing i did wrong. It was just the wrong job for me. I'll definitely make myself read this out loud when i need it most.

    Thanks for such a great blog! I'm a new follower. Your blogging style is exactly what I love to read. Quotes, lyrics, pictures that make you smile instantly, just perfect. :)


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